The #1 digital innovation machine for your company.

Alfredus Prosperitas is built to give you excellent results. Led by award-winning Innovator and Digital Entrepreneur, Candice Pascoal.

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Get real results by working with our team of highly specialized innovators & marketers

Our clients want to win in the marketplace. They want to build a respected brand and hit their goals faster than the competition on the long term. We build brand authority working with digital marketing & innovation. The result? Digital Innovation that actually produces results!

Act 5x Faster

Our clients love working with us. They hit their innovation and branding goals times faster than the competition.

Alfredus Prosperitas is built to deliver metrics that work.

Save Time & Resources

One highly trained team working for you at record time to suggest digital initiatives that you actually like. Our clients expand their reach with our fully trained and ready-to-go marketers!

Decades of Experience

One highly trained team working for you at record time to suggest digital initiatives that you actually like. Our clients expand their reach with our fully trained and ready-to-go marketers!

"Expanding at 30% a month—and 1,800% year over year—Kickante is a bright success story in the otherwise dark narrative."

— Forbes USA

“We nominate Candice Pascoal as one of the 20 personalities that will change how we live and do business in the next 20 years alongside Melinda Gates, Jorge Paulo Lehman and Elon Musk.”

IstoE Magazine

We are proud to announce our first Laurette of the evening, Candice Pascoal, for her impact and results.”

Cartier Awards

Who are our clients?

1. You are a large company and your team is doing well. But you have not fully extracted the potential of your digital presence yet. Hey! Digital innovation is hard for traditional corporations. We can help.

2. You have just received funding, and need to focus on improving the product and bringing results FAST. You can't miss this chance! You need to make every step count. Quite simply: you want to focus on what you do best, and you want someone experienced to build and run a fine-tuned digital marketing machine for you.

3. You're a Fortune 500 company. Your team is actually doing great with Marketing + Digital. But digital moves faster than your internal processes and you want to test new lines of revenues fast.

Actionable Marketing

We don't do vanity metrics here. We work with you and your team to outline what growth means to your bottom-line, and then we get to work to bring you innovation, digital marketing and quality leads that will help you get where you need to be!

Branding, Marketing, PR & so much more

Our team specializes in:

1. Digital Innovation,

2. Creating a community of people who love what you do,

3. Executing your full marketing persona (videos, podcasts, social media, email marketing, you name it!)

4. Creating a lead generating machine that keeps on growing!

5. Data, data, data. Everything that we do is backed by data-driven innovation and proven results.

We do all the hard work, while you focus on your core business.

Years of Experience in the Industry

Alfredus Prosperitas is led by world recognized and award winning entrepreneur, Candice Pascoal. We bring a stellar team of successful marketers and innovators to your project. Whatever your needs are, we have the answers and advice specific to your industry. We provide powerful, lasting and actionable results!

Numbers that make sense

We do all of this for a quarter of the price of building a full innovation team in-house. And guess what? We deliver results faster. Our team does not need training. They do not need to figure things out. Alfredus Prosperitas follows our tried-and-tested proprietary award-winning model. The team is ready to go. Alfredus Prosperitas is the number 1 smart choice for companies that want to bring results and save money!

Start today. The world is moving fast. We will help you stay at the forefront. 

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